Our City

Tecumseh Michigan Tecumseh, Michigan is a vibrant community, situated 25 miles southwest of Ann Arbor, Michigan and 45 miles northwest of Toledo, Ohio.

Nestled into the rolling landscape of Lenawee County, the City's location provides easy access to major highways and airports.  Tecumseh is home to over 8,700 residents and 275 innovative businesses that need to stay connected; that's why cable, DSL, broadband and fiber optic technology are available throughout the community.

Downtown Tecumseh is a celebration of the entrepreneur.  Tucked inside historic buildings, you'll find an interesting mix of specialty shops, professional services, boutiques and dining options.  Shopping plazas at the north and west ends of town round out a full selection of additional restaurants, retailers, services and groceries.  In addition to retail shopping districts, Tecumseh is home to manufacturing and industrial firms.

Tecumseh also values quality of life.  Excellent educational facilities are provided through the Tecumseh Public Schools and the Lenawee Intermediate School District.  Early childhood education programs and neighborhood elementary schools are just a few of the benefits that Tecumseh Public Schools provide.  Our Parks and Recreation department boasts over 300 acres of parks, filled with green spaces, trails and waterways.  You can pack a picnic and enjoy an outdoor concert, play a round of championship golf, or test your nerve and skydive!  The Tecumseh Center for the Arts, Cabela's, Michigan International Speedway and Hidden Lake Gardens all provide inviting recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Our City's History


The boundaries of Lenawee County were laid out by a proclamation of the Territorial Governor, Lewis Cass on September 10, 1822. Lenawee remained attached to Monroe County, out of which it was formed, until an act of the Territorial Legislature passed on December 26, 1826, organized the county government. The first settlement in the county was made two years earlier, on May 21, 1824, in Tecumseh. The settlers, consisting of fifteen men, eleven women, and six children, all came from Jefferson County, New York. In 1823, Musgrove Evans had located the land and persuaded General Joseph W. Brown and the others to move to the site.

Brown and Evans, along with Austin Eli Wing purchased land there and platted the village of Tecumseh in 1824. These founders appealed to Governor Cass to locate the county seat of Lenawee at Tecumseh. This was accomplished by an act of the Territorial Legislature on June 30, 1824, even though county government would not be organized for another year and a half. Tecumseh would remain the county seat until 1838, when it was transferred to Adrian. The Township of Tecumseh was organized on April 12, 1837, initially encompassing the entire northern third of the county.

In addition to a role in the early years of the state, some interesting historical facts are associated with our town. For example:

  • It is the site of the first house built in Lenawee County (by Musgrove Evans).
  • Tecumseh is the burial site of General Custer's horse.  In his will, the General bequeathed his horse to a friend that resided in Tecumseh. 
  • For a time, Tecumseh had the most millionaires per capita of any city in the United States. This is mainly due to Tecumseh Products, an extremely successful local company.


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